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Is your Clinic stuck trying to get NABIDH connected?

Switch to Clinicea for just AED 199. Get a fully compliant NABIDH connected clinic management platform. Also get a cutting-edge EMR + WhatsApp + Digital Consents & more.

AED 199 Signup offer
20 Specialties in 6 Continents, switched to Clinicea!
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The most loved NABIDH connected platform in Dubai.

What is common between these Dubai based clinics: Biolite Clinic, The Bridge Learning Center, Cavallo Clinic, Cemedipp, Frame Clinic by Sarah Battikha, Getchecked Clinic, Golden Smile Dental Clinic, IV Wellness clinic, AL Rigga Dental Clinic, La Estetica Clinic, La Lera Aesthetic Clinic, Wax & Go Laser Clinic, Platinum Medical Center? They all switched to Clinicea for growth.

Why your Clinic needs a DUBAI specialised clinic management platform
e-Signed Prescriptions in Arabic and English
QR coded Bills and Receipts in English and Arabic
Multilingual Patient paperwork, e-consent & Doctor casesheet
Local Dubai SMS Gateways

This list is endless as we understand the little things too such as support for Ramadan Holidays on your Scheduler, auto validation of Emirates ID to ensure data accuracy and more. You get all of this while being on the cutting edge of technology with Virtual assistants, Next-Gen Patient portal, WhatsApp Integration, Zoom for video calling and on and on.

Compare Visits Visually.

Clinicea sets up neat visualization for you, with border-line markers. The markers have in-built intelligence. They re-align themselves as per patient’s gender and age. Identifying a trend is quick and easy.

For chronic cases you go a step further with the “Compare Visit” Tool. You can visually compare progress for a patient across multiple visits. In-built clinical intelligence ensures that you arrive at meaningful analysis, without complications of filtering and sorting. Track progress intuitively at the click of a button.

clinic management software feature
Engage with your Patients like never before.

You can convert your website into a smart online booking tool. Show you care, by switching on automated feedbacks. Empower your patients with a patient portal. Incentivize them by offering membership points, loyalty programs and referral rewards.

clinic management software feature
Completely Integrated with API’s.

Data islands are remnants of a bygone era. New age Clinic management systems are inter-connected, and interoperable. API’s access is not a feature, it’s a must. Clinicea platform comes fully integrated with Google Maps, Google Calendar, Instagram, Facebook, Outlook, Apple Calendar, RazorPay, Stripe, Paypal, Flutterwave, Twilio, Plivo, Mailchimp, SuperReceptionist, Curofic Feedback, Bluewaves, SMSGlobal, Virtual Queue Systems, Curofic Patient Portal and more. The list is ever growing as our developers are hard at work to build the most powerful Clinic management system, ever.

clinic management software feature
Enjoy 1 on 1 trainings and unlimited support.

All these features are great, only if they get used. We ensure this by organising 1 on 1 unlimited training with each of your clinic staff. Always free. Of course, we also have a help centre, email, chat and phone support. We want you to be the best clinic in the city… 😊

clinic management software feature
“Built to run for you in Dubai. Loved globally across continents”

20+ Specialties, across 6 continents, switched to Clinicea for growth.

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I would like to express my appreciation to all Clinicea Team, they been very knowledgeable, professional, supportive and flexible during this 3 years of service. Clinicea really organized and controlled properly the process of managing the patients bookings and records & also systemized and Monitored the accounts in a professional and easy manner at the same time.

clinic management software licensed Sonia Abbassi, Administration Manager, HYF Clinic
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The Signup Offer

Getting connected to NABIDH is as easy as 1-2-3.

Our specialist ensures a DHA agreement is immediately put in place for you. Gets production ID’s generated from NABIDH for your clinic. Assists your Clinic Representative in migrating data from your existing system. Sets up your NABIDH compliant Clinicea account.

Clinicea’s NABIDH specialised technical team steps in. They generate all the NABIDH required HL7 messages on behalf of your clinic. Everything is handled by them end-to-end. Takes your clinic from Build-to-Staging-to-Masking.

All your clinic’s team members get trained by our experts as per NABIDH protocols. Clinic workflows are practised in Clinicea till everything is perfectly setup. Your Clinic is listed on the NABIDH website and gets confirmation of NABIDH compliance.

Cost to you is AED 199 per Practitioner, per month. That’s it. No training, setup, onboarding, or any other charges.

NABIDH Connected
Super-easy for Staff
Free Training & Support
Customizable EMR
Patient Engagement
Virtual Assistant
API’s & more


Frequently asked questions
What is NABIDH?

NABIDH is a cutting-edge, world-class initiative in Dubai, that unifies patient health data across public and private healthcare institutions, in real-time. NABIDH allows for healthcare facilities to securely send patient data to central servers of NABIDH. This data can be then accessed by authorised Clinicians to get a complete 360-degree view of a patient’s health record.

The acronym NABIDH aptly means “pulse” in Arabic. It stands for ‘National Backbone for Integrated Dubai Health’. Participation in NABIDH is across healthcare facilities including tertiary, secondary and primary healthcare facilities.

What is the objective of NABIDH?

The purpose of NABIDH is to improve healthcare outcomes for residents of Dubai, enabling the provision of leading healthcare services and quality care in Dubai to support patient safety through the timely and secure exchange of Patient Health Information (PHI) across the continuum of care. The process of sharing data is done in an interoperable format, hence regardless of the format in which each software vendor held the patient data, data from each one can be combined and aggregated to create a complete holistic patient record. NABIDH provides a trusted, exchange platform that facilitates rapid onboarding and adoption, when relevant data becomes easily available and accessible to Clinicians, it will result in better decision making.

Why should I opt for Clinicea?

Clinicea is very, very, very easy to use. It is NABIDH connected. Since Clinicea in a single platform offers everything, life at the Clinic will become much simpler. Whether it’s online booking, online feedback, online payments, next generation patient portal, e-consents, insurance, billing, or a world-class super intelligent and simple EMR, it’s got everything. Clinicea is loved by 20+ medical specialties across 6 continents. Come backed by a global brand and comes at a very low price.

Most importantly, at Clinicea we have a 100% track record of successful implementations. So, whether your clinic is already using a non-compliant software or is using just paper, talk to us. We can virtually guarantee that we can make you NABIDH compliant if you opt for Clinicea.

How will Clinicea integration NABIDH help your Clinic?

You continue practising the way you like, with all the heavy lifting done in the back-end by intelligent system that makes you compliant, and keeps you compliant.

Marked improved in, patient engagement. They know they are getting the best quality of treatment and best practises by coming to you.

You get a unified view of patient’s health record across clinics.

Go paperless, support the Dubai health imitative and get your clinic ready for the next generation of changes