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Super easy to learn + Brilliant in analysis. EMR with the most comprehensive Plastic Surgery software built for Plastic Surgery Clinics.

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"world's best"
"different from all"
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"world's best" .... "different from all" .... "Very user friendly"

Complete Electronic Medical Records for Plastic Surgery Clinics


Specialized Skin History such as Skin Type, Hair Color, History of Keloids, Erythema, Isotretinoin Usage, Tanning, Scars and more.

Exhaustive In-Depth Past Medical History such as List of Medications, List of Operations, Medical Conditions, Social History and Family History.

There is also a suite of controls to manage Presenting Complaints, HPI, ROS, Vitals, Examination, Advice, and much more.

But what makes this different from anything else you have seen? Every aspect of these EMR sections, including the structure and data, is completely flexible to your preference. The best part is it all comes preconfigured for you along with a Product Specialist.

Flowsheets for Plastic Surgery Clinics

Super Specialized yet Flexible

Editable Flowsheets for each individual treatment. It helps to maintain checklists at the point of care and note down treatment details. Such a system ensures that Therapists even in the absence of Doctors provide consistent level of service and care to Patients at your Clinic.

Revolutionary in Design

Our Case Sheets Technology will convert all your paper based forms into EMR digital sheets. You need not worry about learning a new software. Just carry on working in Clinicea just the way you used to work on paper. Only difference is, that things will now move much faster at your Clinic.

Medical Summary for Plastic Surgery Clinics

Executive Medical Summary

1-page Patient Medical Summary, which highlights autmatically key bits of the Patient's chart. You can now know the Patient’s Past Medical history, Family History, Key Vital Trends, Current Treatment Plans and Important Investigations, without turning a single page, or a single click.

Prepare for Patient visits with one glance.

Imaging made for Plastic Surgery Clinics

Before and After Images

Comparative “Before and After Images” are a must for Plastic Surgery Clinics. Using Clinicea you can store multiple before and after Images from various angles and associate them with each Package, as well as with each Treatment Sitting.

Draw, Annotate, Highlight

You can now upload any type of Image for a Patient, and draw on them. You can also annnotate and highlight right on the image and save it against the Patient's record.

Image Processing

Clinicea also has in-built auto-compression and resizing algorithms to ensure image sizes are optimized automatically.

Automated Workflows for Treatment and Packages

Dynamic Treatment Packages

Treatment at Plastic Surgery Clinics is usually over multiple sittings, often also called Packages. You can create a wide variety of personalized Packages by combining multiple services and products (from your inventory).

Left-Digit Pricing

Left-Digit Pricing is also available to help better sell the Packages to your Patients. Tax calculations are completely in-built. So you can combine Services or Products, each with different tax rates, and the entire breakup will be computed internally.

Auto-Pilot for Packages

You can specify the number of days of interval between each treatment sitting. Based on this, appointments can be auto-scheduled and SMS reminders sent to Patient with no processing from your end. And of course all of this is fully flexible so that you can manually override the system at any step.

Package Tracking

Tracking financials associated with such treatments can get quite complicated when done manually. Clinicea takes the entire complexity out and makes its downright simple. Once you assign a package to a Patient, Clinicea will track every item and update whenever an item is serviced, billed or paid for.

No more paper records, no more calculators, leave it to Clinicea and just focus on selling more.

Modernize your Front-Desk easily and increase Revenues

Reception has never been Happier!

Appointment scheduling at Plastic Surgery Clinic is very different to that of other medical clinics. The Appointment Duration needs to be set in accordance with the Services the Patient is coming in for. If not managed accurately, there will be overlaps in the schedule of Doctors and Therapists, resulting in revenue loss for the Clinic.

Clinicea understands the functioning of Plastic Surgery Clinics very well. Even if your Receptionist forgets the duration of a service or if you have a newbie on the desk, be rest assured that the appointment schedules are now going to be 100% accurate, as Clinicea fully automates setting of Appointment Duration.

To make it easy and quick for the Receptionist, Clinicea will also filter out services by Patient “Gender”, showing only what is relevant. It will also track and remind the Receptionist of incomplete package items, or money owed to the Clinic when booking appointments for a Patient.

Lightning Fast Patient Registrations

Whether it is a Walk-in or a New Patient, Clinicea will help register them, schedule their appointment and put them in the waiting room queue, in just 2-Clicks. We have made the process of registering new patients lightning fast. It frees up your Receptionist to provide better customer service, and creates an impression before your Patients of high efficiency & productivity at your Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Enterprise Grade Scheduling made simple

And yes we can handle scheduling of Doctors, Multiple Doctors, Multiple Doctors with across Treatment Rooms, or any other combination you require.

SMS & Email Reminders

Sure enough, we do auto SMS & Email appointment reminders for Patients & Doctors. Fill up your appointments in Clinicea, power it up with SMS credits and forget about appointment no-shows. Enjoy higher revenues.

Integrated Pharmacy & Inventory

100% Integration

10 years of being around Medical Clinics across the globe, has taught us that simply giving you an Inventory Management System, or even an Inventory linked to a Pharmacy Management System will only get half the job done. So we went the extra mile and have linked the Inventory to EMR, so that when you prescribe to the Patient, you can see in real-time whether that Product is in stock at the Pharmacy or not. If not, prescribe a substitute which your Pharmacy has.

Automatic Adjustments

Once you have issued a prescription, your Pharmacy receives a copy in real-time. The pharmacist can now generate a bill, reduce inventory by stock sold, and fill in the prescription - all of this in 1 single click.

Increase ROI

Increase sales and reduce inventory wastage with a completely integrated Inventory Management, EMR & Pharmacy.

Flexi Financials

Easy Financials

We understand that Clinics may require changes in the way financials are handled due to the profile of patients (corporates, or otherwise), or the legislation in the country of operation. We have built that flexibility at the core of Clinicea’s financial system.

All Permutations & Combinations possible

You can accept part payments, receive advances, issue refunds, exchange stock, reverse bills or wipe off past bills and payments.

Billing completely Integrated with Appointment

Most Plastic Surgery Clinics note down the services a Patient is coming for in the appointment itself. Once done, just click on the Bill option in Appointment. The right set of services will be billed, status of package items will be changed, inventory adjusted and a beautifully laid out invoice on your Clinic’s letterhead will be ready to go.

Smart Invoices

We know that Plastic Surgery Clinics do not want to print out the Service or Treatment the Patient came in for. So, we can replace the services on the invoice with a generic text, "Medical Consultation". Similarly any pharmacy related products consumed by the Patient can be replaced by the word "Product". However if there are non-pharmacy related items that has also been sold to the Patient, they will correctly appear on the Invoice as is. Ofcourse such features are flexible to adapt to your needs.

Patient Leads & Marketing

Plastic Surgery CRM

Every Patient lead that comes through phone call, email, or submissions from your website, can now be stored in Clinicea in the CRM module. You can then run SMS campaigns on these Leads, making them aware of new Programs, Packages or Treatments at your Clinic. To incentivize the purchase by Patients, promotions can be devised and combined with Dynamic Packages. Managing your prospective Patients, building a brand and increasing awareness about your Clinic has been simplified to a few clicks in Clinicea.

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Management Redefined

1-Touch Management Dashboard. Smart Analytics shows the information in context to the previous period with computed percentages for analysis. No more hours of poring over complicated charts, extensive spreadsheets and distracting visuals. Just the information you really need in less than a second.


Extensive list of reports so that you can measure every aspect. If you need something more, just let us know and we will build it for you in a jiffy.

Unique Patient Portal

Patient Health Records Online

Patient Portal also known as PHR (Patient Health Records) is fast becoming a new revenue stream for our Doctors. If you are maintaining medical records, its time you get rewarded for the effort. You can offer your patients the option to access their complete medical records, billing history and appointment booking online for a small fee. The Clinic’s brand image goes up multiple folds for offering a unique service, Patient gets an unparalleled access to medical records, and you get rewarded for the effort you have put in.

Everyone goes home happy!

Connect with Patients across 40 Countries in 26 Languages


Introducing Clini-Voice. Clinicea can now receive calls on your behalf, greet Patients in the language of your choice (French, German, Italian, Russian and many more), direct the call to the right person at your Clinic, and before the call is picked up show complete details of the Patient who is calling. Your Clinic can now offer personalized services so far associated only with the large Multinationals.

Moreover you can receive calls on your browser, without needing a phone. And you can also receive calls while vacationing overseas without paying any international telecom charges. Our service is now available in 26 different languages across 40 countries.

Exceptional Customer Support

The System

We have a very powerful ticketing system to ensure every query is tracked at every step. Community FAQ's to build a self -sustaining knowledge tree. Accessibility of support software on tablets & smartphones to enable giving of support while on move. Automated escalation matrix with SLA timers to guarantee turnaround times. But above all, 'the right attitude'.

The Attitude

Many believe "Customer is the King," we actually have built our company around this mantra. Customer Support has been turned into a game internally, where each of the team member’s score points by helping You. More the points, bigger the rewards at the end of every quarter. And Yes! Participation is mandatory for all, including the CEO, CTO, co-founders, management, developers, product specialists, in short everyone. We are because of You and we have built a culture internally that will not let anyone forget this.

Robots for your Clinic


Robotics and the possibility of automating tasks has long been the folklore of human imagination. Introducing for our Doctors Clini-Bots. We are putting thousands of electronic, automated, super-sensitive e-Robots on Clinicea. They will monitor the speed you are getting when accessing Clinicea, performance of Clinicea on your computer, including any errors that may come at your end. The bots will check this every minute (literally), if they decide you need assistance, they can page (call, buzz) Support Technicians loud enough to wake them up out of their beds and resolve the issue.

Our support team will usually get to know about your issues even before you make the call.

Most Powerful Clinic Chain Software

Connect all your Clinics

Clinicea has built one of the most powerful Clinic Chain Management Software. It is used by some of the largest Clinic Chains in the world. You can centralize management of all your Clinics within and link them up in just 1 day.

There are tons of additional features for Business Intelligence, Medical CRM, CallBox, Contact Centers and more. Have a look at our Cutting-Edge Software for Clinic Chains.


"LAZEO Leader of Aesthetic Medicine, FRANCE"

" I stumbled across Clinicea while looking for a cloud based clinic management solution for our company and for our franchises located abroad. Our business model is in some ways quite special. While we had global requirements, each of the franchises also had its own requirements due to regulations of the country they are based in. Therefore we needed a company that was willing to go the extra mile to help us achieve all these requirements. We were also looking for a tool that has a short learning curve and is simple to use, and after having tried a few other solutions I really have to say that Clinicea excels in this domain. It’s fully featured, with some incredible functionalities, like for instance the report tool where you can literally cross reference any data that you can think off.

The workflow and the presentation are very intuitive and really optimized for the user. The learning curve is very short, and literally anybody can learn very easily to use all of its features.

However the best part of Clinicea is not the tool, but the team that’s behind it. They did not just tailor the tool for our needs, they also helped us optimize our initial workflow. In the beginning we were looking for a provider, but with Clinicea we found much more than that, we found a real partner. "

Deniz Vrazalica, Chargé de communication


"Pathfinder Health - Chain of Clinics in India and UK"

Very user friendly, scalable and easy to use software. Our Doctors have found the experience with Clinicea to be simply phenomenal."

CTO, Nirmal Singh

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