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1. Future-Proofing
Industry Norm 👎🏼 Clinicea😀
You may like to start with a walk. But what happens when you decide to pick up the pace?
When you need to scale up, engage with patients outside the clinic hours too, open new locations, or have new post-pandemic ground-shifting requirements, does your platform have answers for you.
Start with:
EMR + Practice Management.
Scale with:
Clinicea, is a platform. Ever-evolving, as it integrates more services in its single fold.
Start with:
Telehealth + EMR + Practice Management.
Scale with:
Lab, Pharmacy, CallBox, Clinical Growth Program, Virtual Assistant, Patient Portal, Clinic Chain Module, Clinitycs, Integrations and more.
2. Revolutionary EMR. Technology that converts paper-based forms into digital case sheets.
Industry Norm👎🏼 Clinicea😀
You need to change your way of functioning as per how the EMR was designed by a software team.
EMR Layouts are rigid and fixed.
You practise the way you like to.
Think of a technology that is like Google forms but for Medical Practitioners. Design your own EMR, with clinical intelligence built-in. Custom made just for you.
3. Super smart 1-page Medical Summaries
Industry Norm👎🏼 Clinicea😀
Displays static content, lacks intelligence to pick up key information in a patient's profile. Auto-compiles intelligently. Combines significant PMH, with graphed Vital Trends, Lab Results and more, to create a quick medical summary.
4. Telehealth
Industry Norm👎🏼 Clinicea😀
You will typically need 2 different systems EMR + Telehealth. To make them work together, an integration is done by most Companies.
Syncing of data becomes a perennial issue. Bulk of the development resources goes in that. Resulting in a lopsided focus on the technology, and absentee focus on your welfare.
All the video calling stuff is great, but these calls need “you” to work. Collection of payments on your behalf for the call, real-time fulfilment for patients via delivery of prescription, enablement options to reduce no-shows in telehealth, time-management while you are on the call - are things that slip through the cracks.
Run your video calls like you run your clinic, professionally. Securely video call your Patients from inside their chart. Deliver prescriptions in real-time before the call ends.
Have payment collected for you just as smoothly as the Hi-Definition video calls. Be always on time, with built-in time management features.
First you, then the tech.
5. Stunning Design, that uses the most current advancements in Technology.
Industry Norm👎🏼 Clinicea😀
User Interface is complex & difficult. User Interface is lightweight. Clutter-free, clean and intuitive.
6. Personalization
Industry Norm👎🏼 Clinicea😀
Not possible. Clinics need to adjust to the software. Amazing tech that lets you design smart Questionnaires, consent forms, branded print templates and more to adapt to exactly what you need.
7. Clinic Branding & Marketing.
Industry Norm👎🏼 Clinicea😀
Minimal to no Support. Your Clinic branded login pages for staff and patients. Custom invoice and receipt layouts. Full integration with your existing website. Let the world know your clinic is a cut above the rest.
8. Implementation, Training & Staff Adoption
Industry Norm👎🏼 Clinicea😀
You bought a great system. You are smart enough to pick up new concepts, adapt to a new way of working. But what about your team members – can your solutions provider ensure that they too can cope up with the change? Is it easy enough for the front desk receptionist?
Training is mostly via self-help videos and articles.
Support is Usually email. Some also offer phone support.
Literally, a 100% success rate. Whether your team members were university educated, or they are about to use a computer for the very first time. We have trained thousands of clinic staff across the globe. Clinicea has been built to complete most common workflows of clinics in 1 to 2 clicks, hence it is easy and intuitive. Backed by real people who will hold hands and guide each member of your team, literally guarantees a successful implementation and subsequent usage.
Training is via unlimited 1-on-1 online hand-held free sessions. Complemented by self-help videos, and help articles.
Support includes Email Support + Phone Support + Chat Support + Live Screensharing sessions.
9. Market Penetration & Acceptability.
Industry Norm👎🏼 Clinicea😀
Usually, Local. Fully Localized for your market. Used in 6 continents. Backed by a Global Brand.
10. Single Integrated Solution.
Industry Norm👎🏼 Clinicea😀
Usually No. Yes, ensures low upfront costs, low maintenance costs and low pricing.
Why Choose Us?
Beautiful aesthetics, with laser sharp focus on usability. Ensures the easiest platform for you and your clinic’s team members.
Only the best in hardware and software stack money can buy. Securely cloud-hosted with Microsoft Azure since day 1, long before Cloud became a buzzword.
Backed by passionate product trainers. We ensure effective implementation and usage of Clinicea by ALL clinic staff. Guaranteeing improvement in clinical and administration outcomes.
“Built to run for you locally. Loved globally across continents”

20+ Specialties, across 6 continents, switched to Clinicea for growth.

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Clinicea provides a comprehensive suite of services that allow us to manage our patients across East Africa regardless of which of our dialysis centers the patients are being treated at. It allows seamless movement of patients from one center to another both within their home country and across the region when traveling which allows integrity of patient data and quick / easy access for our 25+ facilities and staff in East Africa.

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