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When you want to step into the Big League. When reliability of the software vendor is critical to your Organization. When you need a Software Partner who understands the Clinic business in and out. Come talk to us. We are the 'growth-tonic for Clinics.'

20 Specialities in 6 Continents, switched to Clinicea!
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The Power of ‘One’

Unify Everyone and Focus

Software is simply a means to an end. The end being, to manage the existing Clinics easily, and be able to grow your Clinic Chain and make it bigger. Clinicea will provide just the right combination of features, toolsets, and expert technology consultants to ensure that the right Technology is there to achieve your objectives.

You can provision 10’s of clinics from the clinic-chain control panel. Standardize invoices, prescription, inventory, medical protocols, all from the comfort of your desk. It is as simple and as fast as that. All your business processes, front desk, back office and corporate HQ will become fully integrated horizontally and vertically on one single platform, Clinicea.

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Clinic Call Center & Contact Center

Marketing Ready

When you reach the stage where you need to setup a dedicated marketing team to manage and drive your campaigns to acquire new patients. When you have a marketing budget to promote your clinic brand for every month. When based on the volume of appointments you need to setup an Inbound Contact Center for centralized scheduling, it’s time to switch.

Clinicea has the perfect solution for you. A dedicated Clinic-specific Call Center module that consolidates all marketing activities together and helps schedule resources for all Clinics centrally. We understand what it takes to scale up.

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Walk into any Clinic, virtually

Be where you want to be

It is physically difficult for you to visit all the Clinics regularly. This becomes even more difficult as you grow. It’s left upon others to keep you abreast. That is no longer relevant. Technology has made the world flat once again, with distances ceasing to exist in the virtual world.

With Clinicea you can walk into any one of your Clinics virtually, with the click of a button. See live, how many patients are currently being seen by the Doctors, how many are queued in the waiting room, see how busy the day has been and how it looks ahead. Have your fingers back on the pulse.

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Increase ROI

Grow Revenues

Setup centralized marketing.

Rollout promotions and offers across clinics.

Tweak service and package prices based on geolocation.

Work with large corporates by offering them tailored employee check-ups and standardized medical treatment, across all your locations.

Move excess stock between clinics to eliminate revenue loss due to a location being out of stock.

It’s made easy as Clinicea lets you define such protocols and programs at HQ and apply it to all your clinics consistently. By linking up everything in Clinicea, you will have much tighter control on finances. Benefit from volume-based discounts, aggregated purchases, and have more efficient credit protocols and invoice management in place.

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Excel in Management

Convert your team into a bunch of MBA’s overnight.

Make administration of clinics super-efficient. Your team can, from their desk, setup - opening hours of each location, credit limits on bills, maximum permitted discounts before which HQ-authorisation is required, hook-up payment gateways, issue API Keys for Integration. They can even setup centralised lab along with a common dispensing pharmacy, create specialised teams to monitor lab result turnaround times, to handle feedback, switch on video calling based on internet connectivity available at a given location, manage centralised rosters and on and on.

It’s not all about just management, they can also secure access to data with roles and permissions custom made for clinic chains, as well as lock access to clinic data outside of the premises on a location-by-location basis. Most importantly they can in simple English see the best and the worst performers, without having to run through a bunch of reports. Make every staff super-smart by giving them a easy to use, intelligent platform, Clinicea.

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Hawk’s Eye

Cut the Noise, remove the Clutter

With just one click you can view the consolidated performance of all your Clinics in real-time. Is the performance trending upwards or falling short of your budgeted growth plan. Identify issues before they snowball into problems, and nip them in the bud.

You need a 10,000 foot view away from all the noise and clutter to analyze, to identify trends, to plan ahead, and Clinicea, will give you just that.

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Frequently asked questions
Can Clinicea support the situation where I operate multiple clinics

Yes it can. In fact some of the largest clinic chains, spread across different countries are also using Clinicea since Day 1 of their operations.

How does Clinician's EMR system handle the unique requirements of my business?

Clinician's EMR is like google forms, with smart plugins for customisable medical summary, imaging, clinical intelligent case sheets, best practice protocols, health reminders and more. The workflows are designed to reduce most common tasks of a clinic down to a single screen or click. Most importantly the line of treatment gets designed by the Medical Director and can be uniformly applied across the chain of clinics. It ensures the clinic chain brand is strengthened as patients enjoy a consistent level of care regardless of which location they are consulted in.

What is the quickest way for me to evaluate Clinicea?

Just book a demo and then take it for a trial. No credit card required.

“Built to run for you locally. Loved globally across continents”

20+ Specialities, across 6 continents, switched to Clinicea for growth.

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Clinicea provides a comprehensive suite of services that allow us to manage our patients across East Africa regardless of which of our dialysis centers the patients are being treated at. It allows seamless movement of patients from one center to another both within their home country and across the region when traveling which allows integrity of patient data and quick / easy access for our 25+ facilities and staff in East Africa.

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