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In-house Lab
Customize everything.

Setup the investigations you want to offer at the Clinic. Layout the specimen to be collected, as well the sampling methodology. Put in the associated cost price and the selling price to run analytics on profitability later on. You can also customise the result format, the parameters to report on, gender specific reference range and have auto-compiled text appear for you on results, based on numerical values. There’s a lot you can do.

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In-house Lab
Bar-coded sample collection.

Flick on the switch to auto generate sample reference numbers, with barcodes. Print the label and stick it on the collected sample. Alternatively, if you just collect samples to forward it to a Lab, you can do that too and just skip the above process. In that case, input the reference number manually, and use the barcoded stickers provided by the external lab.

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In-house Lab
Input radiology findings.

Full support to record radiology findings also. You can also upload images in a batch and view them as a slideshow, while going over the radiology report findings.

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In-house Lab
Contextual assessments.

Results are most meaningful when presented in context. Possibility of errors can be significantly reduced if relevant diagnosis that led up to the investigation is known. Clinicea ensures that, by showing you the coded diagnoses on the result screen as you record it.

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In-house Lab
Reduce workload for Technicians.

As soon as the technician enters the value for a parameter, the value is cross referenced against multiple criteria e.g., the patient’s gender, age, reference range. Clinicea then flags the value as being abnormal or normal, with the technician retaining the option to override the system. This way technicians can go about entering results, knowing Clinicea has got their back.

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In-house Lab
Log Critical results.

In the event of the lab coming across a critical result, additional steps and workflows come into play. Clinicea understands this well and supports it by providing the option to log the additional data points required to ensure compliance in such cases.

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In-house Lab
Online access to results.

With increasing proliferation of mobile devices, quick accessibility to information is expected by patients and has become the norm. You can offer on-demand access to lab results by enabling secure access to it. It comes at no additional charge to you 😊.

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Seamless ordering.

Once you finish writing a clinical note, your in-house lab gets a real-time notification of the ordered investigations. No paper printouts of Orders required.

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Dedicated results Inbox.

Result from every investigation you ordered, appears in your personal results inbox. It gets cleared only upon your review.

2-Step Review
Review the results of investigations ordered by others too e.g., by locums or junior practitioners.
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360-degree review process.

All results go to your in-tray for review

Mark each result as NAD or flag for follow-up.

Follow-ups can be delegated to nurses/front-desk. Each follow-up gets tracked to completion.

Every step gets logged. Ensures your clinic’s protection in case of adverse results.

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When reviewing results, you may come across a SOS case. You can proactively reach out to such a patient, asking for an immediate follow-up over SMS. All in a click.

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Executive Summary.

View the complete result history of a patient by way of a color-coded executive summary. Helps focusing on outliers, making diagnoses easier.

Flag It
Highlight important results to make them stand out in the patient’s medical summary
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Additional Productivity Options
1-Touch Billing
The bill for all the ordered investigations can be generated in a click. Discounts suggested by the Practitioner also gets applied.
Draft Mode
Results can be kept in the draft mode. Publishing can be done post review.
Anonymize Testing
You can opt to de-identify patient details from the lab technicians who record results.
External Labs
Order tests from external labs, collect samples as per their barcoding system and give them access to enter results.
Medical Coding
Supports all kinds of medical coding including CPT, LOINC, ICD9, ICD10.
Easy Walk-Ins
Easily handle billing, sample collection, and investigation order from walk-ins.
Prepare patients better
Patients get pre-set instructions for an investigation, as soon as its ordered.
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