Top 6 Benefits of using Clinicea

Make clinic management - easy, data – secure, operations – more rewarding.

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1. Make your Clinic more Profitable & Rewarding.

Increase Profits
Increase revenues by reducing missed appointments. Our SMS reminders are linked to both Appointments and Recalls. Next time when you tell a Patient to come back after 7 days. The patient will be sent a SMS reminder that an appointment is due. On the date the recall falls due, he will be reminded yet again in the morning. Just 2 extra patients turning up in an entire month makes your monthly cost of running Clinicea free. More than that and you are now beginning to see revenues that previously were simply lost.

Start New Revenues Streams
Start a new revenue stream for your Clinic by offering Online PHR to your patients. Your Clinic's brand image will improve significantly for becoming one of the rarest of the rare Clinics across the globe to offer such a service. It will also unlock the potential of data locked in paper or in your older EMR systems. The complete setup is done at our end, you just need to talk to us.

Proactively reach out to Patients
Offer personalized health and wellness programs for patients suffering from chronic problems. You can create such packages, run a report to identify the suitable patients and make them aware of the service, all in a couple of clicks. We offer consulting services to help set all of this up for you.

Save on Inventory
Eliminate Inventory wastage and pilferage. Clinicea Inventory Management is fully integrated with Billing, Pharmacy & EMR. Adjustments are done automatically. Every piece of every item in your inventory will now get accounted for. Expect atleast a 10% increase in profits on account of Inventory Management alone.

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2. Faster than the Fastest.

Focus on speeding up workflows not just features
Most EMR Software focus on providing tons of features. Trying to use such a software is quite similar to you entering the cockpit of a Boeing 747. There are knobs, buttons and options all over, compelling you to think and pause at every step, slowing things significantly.

A decade of experience in working with Doctors across the globe gives us a unique advantage. We target actual workflows of a Doctor & the Clinic. This ensures you get a "clean view" of only what is relevant to your work. You and all your team members will get a booster shot of speed from Clinicea.

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3. Very, Very, Very Easy.

No need for expensive Training
Usually medical software require extensive training to adopt. This is because they want you to change the way you like to work. Not the case with Clinicea. Our design experts spend days and nights (actually its more like night after night) over every new feature till it is easy enough to learn by intuition not training. Support Specialists are there to train, but we do not use them as an excuse to release difficult to use features.

As simple as writing on paper
With Clinicea, we bring for you a cutting-edge technology that for the first-time mimics Paper. Clinicea can replicate the Paper-Based Forms you use, Clinical Templates you like, Workflows you have, into precise digital Case-Sheets. This means you continue to do what you were doing before, without the need to re-train or re-learn. You need to use it to realize the possibilities that till today were thought of as impossible.

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4. Intelligent with a mind of its own.

Get a Clinical Assistant + Transcriptionist + Receptionist
You often go about completing Medical History and Examination templates without actually filling in every section. It is more likely that you would only make positive, or abnormal observations, while leaving the rest of the sections un-touched.

In each of those cases you would not want to have your prescription cluttered with insignificant NAD’s and negative observations. Clinicea is intelligent enough to figure out the relevant positive, clinically-significant data and show only these on the prescription.

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5. Super Flexible.

Flexibility already Built-In for You
Clinicea is built on a robust and extensible healthcare framework that can be easily extended. Yada, Yada, Yada! these are just marketing buzzwords you hear from all companies. What is the real benefit to You?

The real benefit is that with other software products you have to stick to their predefined functionalities. With Clinicea you enjoy flexible Prescription Layouts, Certificates, Referral Letters, Billing Templates, New Clinical & Administrative Reports & much more.

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6. Data Security & Maintenance.

Military Grade Security, nothing less
At Clinicea we look upon security not as a one-time exercise, but an ongoing responsibility that requires our IT experts to diligently work to stay ahead of potential threats. We worry about your data so you don’t have to. Our secure data centers are managed and operated by Microsoft Global Foundation Services (GFS). These geographically dispersed data centers comply with key industry standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001:2005, for security and reliability. They are managed, monitored, and administered by Microsoft operations staff that have years of experience in delivering the world’s largest online services with 24 x 7 continuity.

Data Backup & Maintenance
At any one time, we keeps three replicas of data running—one primary replica and two secondary replicas. If a hardware fails on the primary replica, our system auto-detects the failure and falls over to the secondary replica. External access to physical site where data is stored is secured by armed guards, biometric security, data back-ups, redundant power supplies and fire deterrent systems. In short, you never have to worry about data backups and hardware failures, ever again.

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“Built to run for you locally. Loved globally across continents”

20+ Specialities, across 6 continents, switched to Clinicea for growth.

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I would like to express my appreciation to all Clinicea Team, they been very knowledgeable, professional, supportive and flexible during this 3 years of service. Clinicea really organized and controlled properly the process of managing the patients bookings and records & also systemized and Monitored the accounts in a professional and easy manner at the same time.

clinic management software licensed Sonia Abbassi, Administration Manager, HYF Clinic
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