Careers at Clinicea

We’re Team Clinicea. Join us to design software for the healthcare business. We only play with the big boys on the global stage, so get ready for some serious competition.

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You are an asset

Your mom was first. We are next. Once we take you in, we back you up “all” the way.

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We use literally the best. 100% on Cloud, Cross-Platform from Day 1 and API first. All this and more on your personal Laptop – courtesy us.

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Remote Work

We had work from home years before the word COVID-19 was born..

If you want to know: Our offices in Singapore and India are located bang in the middle of CBD. < 1min walk from the subway/metro.

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Be the best version of who you are

Don’t mind the push to get better at what you do? You just found a whole new bunch of friends. We really do push, and push you hard, to excel.

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Assured Growth

Your share of bonus pool keeps increasing with each passing year. Learn, grow, stick around and get rewarded.

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