All aspects of your clinic’s finances, handled in 1 simple system

Insurance billing, selling gift cards, offering easy instalment options, managing petty expenses, charging cards through integrated payment gateways, creating deals & offers, viewing detailed transaction statements from patients, vendors and corporates. Everything your clinic needs today and will need tomorrow, as you grow.

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1-click integrated billing.

Just click on the bill icon in the appointment. All the services the patient came in for, any medications that were prescribed, investigations that were ordered, consumables that were used, everything gets added to the bill, automatically.

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Flexibility to ‘Bill To’ anyone.

Bills can be made on the patient, on their family head, on their employer or straight up on the insurance company.

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Setup insurance agreements & policies.

Insurance rules can be complex. Simplify things by setting up financial policies in Clinicea. You can define which services are covered, for what amount, along with preferential price if any. Setup daily, annual limits, co-pay contribution rules and much more. Once it’s setup, when you create a bill, the total gets split with detailed explanation of the rules which were applied to arrive at the breakup between patient contribution and insurance dues.

Close out bills
In insurance bills, often a certain % of the total claim is paid, with the rest written off. Such bills can be auto-closed.
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Apply medical coding in bills.

ICD10, ICD9, CPT codes are all supported for super bills. Medical Codes get auto-populated based on the clinical visit, the bill is linked to.

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1-window simplicity.

You can create a bill. Pay it in part using your advance, and rest using any other payment mode. All off the same screen, in 1 go.

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Collect dues from anywhere.

If a patient has any due balance across visits, a red bar appears next to their name. All your front desk has to do, is ask for payment.

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Easy summarised statements.

You can pull up the complete transaction history of a patient, vendor, corporate or insurance in a click. Filter based on due bills or unused payments. Export to excel, print or email.

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1-click financial summary.

During billing, you can in a click see past payments, invoices, packages, services sold, products purchased, everything.

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Tailor-made sequences.

Invoice Nos., Receipt Nos., Quotation Nos. – all are fully customizable. You can have these auto-generated numbers include prefix, post fix, your country’s financial year, padded numbers, and more.

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Personalize your printouts.

We believe a clinic’s branding is very important, especially in this social media driven era we live in. Which is why, unlike any other software, we let you customize “every aspect” of your invoice and receipt printouts.

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Offer deals & promotions.

Create promotions on slow moving products. Get repeat customers by offering targeted deals. Make sales easier with left digit pricing.

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Start selling gift cards.

Offer the option to buy gift cards of different denominations. Enable secure redemptions

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Record expense & income.

Keep a record of other expenses and income of the clinic in a single system. Helps you arrive at net profitability.

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Setup and forget taxes.

Several countries charge a flat rate of tax for services e.g.; Singapore charges 7% GST on sales. For such situations, you can setup a default tax rate. Clinicea will apply it to every new service or package you create. Your staff need not remember.

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Close and tally up.

At the end of the day, you can tally up physical card receipts, cheques etc with total payments in Clinicea. Helps you close the till for the next shift.

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Round offs
Round off to 1 decimal or 2 decimals. Round off to nearest cent, nearest 5 cents, or nearest $.
Cancel or Delete bills
In case of mistakes, you can opt to reverse a bill, or delete it completely.
Write-Off bills
When dues are not expected to come through, you can write-off bills in part or whole.
Exchange bills
You can exchange services and products in a bill.
You can create new services while billing. No need to jump through hoops.
Bar Codes supported
Add products to the bill based using a barcode scanner. Discounts checked
Mix & match taxes
You can have different items in a bill, each with a different tax rate or type. No need to separate them out to different bills.
Upsell & Cross sell
Each time an item is billed, its service category is updated against the patient. So that you know what all has the patient has bought so far. Useful for upsell and cross-sells.
Create expirable quotes. Convert to bills when patient is ready.
Billing is fully integrated with points. You earn points on payment of bills. Points can be used as cash to pay off services and products.
Setup staff commissions on sales. Customize it by service or product.
Granular permissions give you control on every aspect of financials.
Filter by payment status
Sort through bills based on whether they are unpaid, part-paid or fully paid.
Highlight Overdues
Follow up payment on ALL overdue bills in 1-click.
Refund with confidence
Only a patient with a net advance balance can be selected for refund. Even by mistake, a mistake cannot happen.
Track payments
See which bills a payment paid off. Track complete settlement history in a click.
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