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Are you unhappy with your Clinic & Practice Management software? Do you want to switch but cannot because of the costs involved? We understand the problems you are facing and have a solution for each one of them.

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Your data cannot be migrated

Your data belongs to you and not to the software vendor. Your vendor must provide you access to your data in a common format such as excel. Get your data out and send it over to us. We will have our business analyst go through it and migrate it over to Clinicea. All of this data migration will be free of cost to you.

Clinicea believes in ethical business practices. All our Doctors have the ability to extract their complete data with 1-click. You do not need to send a single email or make a single call to us to extract data from Clinicea. It is your data, we are simply securing it on your behalf.

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You have made a significant investment in buying the software which would be written off if you switched

We look upon ourselves as your Technology Partner and not just a Software vendor whose job ends with a sale. The Clinicea Team will be by your side for years to come. Do not worry about the investment you have made, we will make sure you do not lose it.

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You have entered into a long term contract with steep termination fee

Artificial boundaries to hold a client back come in many forms, such as steep exit clauses, high termination charges, long term fixed AMC and so on. However, all that is really required to hold a client back, is a great product that is perfect for your Clinic. We cannot change your software vendor’s approach. What we can do is ensure that it is win-win for you. Trust us, to fix this.

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“Built to run for you locally. Loved globally across continents”

20+ Specialities, across 6 continents, switched to Clinicea for growth.

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We needed a solution provider to our new clinic that was willing to help us satisfy some special requirements that are a product of our business model. Among others, we needed the solution to be online and that has a short learning curve and is simple to use. So while searching for solution and that how I came across Clinicea as well some other providers, and I really have to say that starting from the first contact they immediately understood our needs were ready to tailor their tool to our needs. The workflow and the presentation are very intuitive and optimized for the user. The learning curve is very short, and literally anybody can learn very easily to use all of its features. To put it short: It’s a great tool that comes with really great service. Very easy software to master. Customer support team is very good and knowledgeable. It is extremely quick to learn, easy to use, offers great practice management capabilities, is continuously updating, and the support and customer service teams are awesome, professional and resolve any of your issues in a very timely manner.

clinic management software licensed Harini Tummalapalli, Clinic Owner, Evoluer Aesthetics

Growth has many obstacles in its path. Remove the ones you can. Get aligned with the right Solution and the right Partner for your Clinic. We will win your freedom back because our philosophy advocates a long-term view that allows us to make investments behind your business today. Just tell us your problems, we will solve them together.

Alternatively, if you do not use any software at your clinic today, please have a look at our Features. We would love to talk with you and figure out how we can be of help.

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