Run your clinic, not reports

Get quick insights about your clinic, in simple English.

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Dashboard simple enough for everyone to use.

Numbers that are easy to understand. Presented to you with context so that you can see exactly what’s going on. No-Clicks required.

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Scan or Read.

You can quickly scan through ready-made pie charts. Or look at the raw data, export to excel and review in detail.

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Reach out with Campaigns.

Want to send a payment reminder to all accounts due over 90 days? Just open the Bill Ageing report and click SMS Campaign. 2-Clicks to complete any campaign.

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Plain Questions & Answers.

We love jazzy looking dashboards, but we struggle when it comes to understanding all of it. This is why we built a Business Intelligence tool for you, from the ground up. Clinicea Analytics focuses on providing insights, but in the form of simple questions and answers.

Which are my bestsellers?
Which cities are bringing in bulk of my revenues?
Who are my top 3 practitioners?
Which clinics are the top contributor to profits?
Which are the slowest days of the week?
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Intuitiveness built-in.

We show you numbers and charts with the sole target that comparison should be intuitive. So, when you see the current year’s performance, it gets overlaid with the performance of the previous 12m.

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Super useful for Clinic Chains.

Similarly, when your run reports for multiple clinics, we switch focus to Tree-maps. They are coloured boxes where the size of the box itself indicates which is the larger clinic for the metric in question. You only need to scan instead of read, to get the most out of each chart.

Clinicea is smart enough to limit access to report data based on which location a clinic staff is authorised to work in. Revolving managers can access data of multiple clinics, but only as per the locations they have been authorised to work in.

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Mask Phone No: and Email
You can opt to mask phone and email from all reports. Ensures only your clinic admin can complete the jigsaw puzzle. Eliminates risk of your customer base ever falling into the wrong hands.
100% Confidentiality
EMR visits marked as confidential by you, will get auto-cleaned out from all EMR reports. Even other Practitioners cannot access that info in reports.
Auto-Locked to Role
A user who does not have permission to access Billing functionalities, cannot see Financial reports too. Ditto for front desk, EMR etc. No chance of accidental access due to human errors.
Stop data from moving out
Your data’s security is critical. We understand that fully. It’s why we have an additional permission through which you control who can mass-export things out of Clinicea.
We love CSV
Export reports in CSV, open and in excel or notepad.
Filters galore
Narrow down quickly with pre-built filters inside each report.
Relate & Compare
Compare numbers easily, by opening multiple reports side-by-side.
Eliminate uncertainty
Figure out what each report does, with the detailed descriptions included with each report.
Focus on Speed
Do you hate endless loading bars? We too. Clinicea reports are super-quick.
Search reports easily as they appear categorised by module/department.
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