Top 13 Free Clinic Management Software in 2023

May 27, 2023

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Dibyendu Shome
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Nowadays, for the overall management of clinic operations, the EMR or Electronic Medical Record is used by healthcare providers. EMR is a software used to record patient data in a digital format. An EMR system refers to the digital platform used by healthcare providers for the creation, storage, and management of patient medical records in an electronic form.

It is the computerized version of traditional paper-based medical records used in health care facilities. More often, electronic practice management software is used with EMR for seamless and accelerated administrative tasks, like automation of healthcare practices. The rising health concerns and increasing patient data require a robust, technology-driven solution, which is why significant data management and digital solutions are used.

1. Clinicea

It is a well-known clinic management software platform that is ever-evolving, integrating more services in its single fold. It can be scaled with lab, pharmacy, CallBox, Clinical growth program, virtual assistant, patient, module, integrations, and more. Clinicea uses clinical intelligence for the digitization of paper forms.

Moreover, it can be customized further to fit the workflows. Overall, healthcare providers can get their own personalized EMR and a system containing only their needs. There will be no noise, clutter, or bloat.

Below given are the features that make this platform quite different and unique from others:-

  • With Clinicea, there is no need to have two different systems to obtain the telehealth feature. You can easily deliver the prescriptions in real-time before the call ends. Its user interface is lightweight, clutter-free, clean, and intuitive.
  • It supports the amazing tech that lets you design smart questionnaires, consent forms, and branded print templates.
  • eConsist of functionality for various healthcare professionals.
  • It can be easily integrated with the existing website of health care service providers.
  • It is fully localized for the market and is used across the world. For instance, it has its clinic management system in Dubai, Sydney, India, and six other continents.

Overall it is a single integrated solution that ensures low, upfront costs, low maintenance costs, and low pricing. You can also book a demo followed by a free trial and know this tool significantly.

2. Medixcel EMR

It assists doctors, physicians, and clinic administrators manage the clinic and associated verticals.

It encompasses features such as patient scheduling & appointments, billing specialization-based EMR, inventory management, case tracking, and a whole lot more.

Key Features of Medixcel EMR
  • Provides OPD record management
  • Supports teleconsultant management

Pros: It comes with a built-in blood sample collection module

Cons: Users find it difficult to track the data of all the clinics in real-time

3. OpenEMR

It is an open-source software used for the creation of health records and the management of medical practice. It is ONC certified and assists in practice management, billing, electronic record management, appointment categorization, etc. It is free and can also be used for patient drug screening.

This free clinic management software can also be used for patient drug screening and electronic syndromic surveillance reporting.

Features of OpenEMR
  • Supports appointment and scheduling of patients
  • Maintains and tracks all the electronic medical records

Pros: Reports and records can be sent through direct messaging

Cons: It cannot send automated email reminders to patients

4. SimplePractice

SimplePractice is medical practice management billing software that streamlines healthcare business operations and improves clients' experience.

Through this software, client payments can be processed, file insurance can be filed electronically, and HIPAA-compliant video sessions can be delivered.

Features of SimplePractice
  • Management of appointment requests
  • Telehealth services can be delivered directly from the portal

Pros: It can be used to send HIPAA compliant messages to a client.

Cons: Limited templates are available for the creation of customized treatment plans.

5. Practo Atom Ray

Practo Ray is a robust medical practice management billing software that aids doctors in managing their patients and streamlines all the operations of their practices.

Through this software, client payments can be processed, file insurance can be filed electronically, and HIPAA-compliant video sessions can be delivered.

  • Sends appointment confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups via SMS.
  • Monitors and manages patients’ history
  • Helps in communicating with patients in real-time

Pros: The medical record of the patient can be shared directly from the software

Cons: It provides limited storage space of up to 20 GB, even in its paid plan

6. Clinicmaster

Clinicmaster is a practice management platform used for the management of clinical operations. It comprises features, like invoice generation, that help automate administrative tasks.

Through this software, client payments can be processed, file insurance can be filed electronically, and HIPAA-compliant video sessions can be delivered.

  • Produces and manages care plans
  • Comprises multiple templates

Pros: It provides various invoice templates for the creation of customizable invoices

Cons: Tracking patient status through the waitlist is not easy

7. CrelioHealth

This software can automate patients’ bookings, personalize patient communication, customize forms and reports, manage finances, etc.

  • Manages the entire blood sample journey
  • Manages and updates inventory in real-time.

Pros: It provides multiple templates for generating samples tests reports

Cons: The software has multiple tabs for every feature, making it complicated to use

8. athenaCollector

It is a medical practice management billing software that streamlines their billing process and manages tasks like claim submission and follow-up, denial management, payment posting, and more.

  • Schedules appointments with patients
  • Sends automated reminders for appointments

Pros: You can automatically identify errors in claims through the rule’s engine

Cons: It does not offer many options for managing outstanding patient cases

9. Chikitsa

Chikitsa is a clinical management software that helps users schedule appointments, record and maintain patient history, generate invoices, and so on.

  • Maintains medical data in a digitized form
  • Manages user roles and permissions to access the data

Pros: Offer charts and visualization tools for better data representation

Cons: The software is not very responsive when used on the mobile phone

10. Medisteer

It is a clinic management software through which healthcare establishments can improve customer care and operational efficiency.

  • Facilitates seamless data flow between different departments
  • Tracks and records the medical history of the patient

Pros: It can be used to create and manage e-prescriptions

Cons: Without training, users cannot operate this software

11. Qmarksoft Clinic Management

It is a powerful clinic management software with state-of-the-art automation features. It is a cost-efficient solution that can be deployed easily and comprise a user-friendly interface.

  • Manages enterprise revenue cycle
  • Sends automated reminders for appointments

Pros: With it, you also record and resolve the patients’ complaints

Cons: Users find it difficult to find and navigate through all its features

12. DocEngage

It is a comprehensive clinic management software that helps clinics manage routine operations. This software allows clinics to efficiently manage patient records and prescriptions, generate invoices, and so on.

  • Aids in patient queue management
  • Manages purchase orders

Pros: It helps generate reports in 80+ reports

Cons: Limited integrated options available for users

13. Epic

It offers a suite of medical practice management billing software and EHR software.

  • Supports rule-based scheduling
  • Manages patient billing

Pros: User-friendly interface

Cons: Comprises advanced tools that are difficult to understand

Concluding Remarks

There are many EMR software available in the market, but choosing the right one depends on the needs and requirements of the clinics. We listed the top 13 clinic management software so that you can know the pros and cons of each. Looking at all the options it appears Clinicea offers great value for money and has the next gen tools for the post COVID era.

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