Most sophisticated "Clinic Chain Management" Software Ever Built

When you want to step up to the Big League, where managing your Clinic is not about making little improvements but being prepped for explosive Growth. When reliability of the software vendor is critical to your Organization, when you need a Software Partner who understands the Clinic business, come talk to us, we are the 'growth-tonic for Clinics.' Being called,

"simply phenomenal" .... "very user-friendly" .... "thorough and perfect"
"simply phenomenal"
"very user-friendly"
"thorough and perfect"

The Power of ‘One’

Unify Everyone and Focus

Software is simply a means to an end. The end being, to manage the existing Clinics easily, and be able to grow your Clinic Chain and make it bigger. Clinicea will provide just the right combination of features, toolsets, and expert technology consultants to ensure that the right Technology is there to achieve your objectives.

Within 1 day, you can provision 20 clinics (or 50, or more) and link them all under the umbrella of your parent organization. It is as simple and as fast as that. All your business processes, front desk, back office and corporate HQ will become fully integrated horizontally and vertically on one single platform, Clinicea.

Clinic Call Center & Contact Center

Marketing Ready

When you reach the stage where you need to setup a dedicated marketing team to manage and drive your campaigns to acquire new patients, or;

Based on the volume of appointments you need to setup an Inbound Contact Center for centralized scheduling,

Clinicea has the solution for you. A dedicated Clinic-specific Call Center module that consolidates all marketing activities together and helps schedule resources for all Clinics centrally. We understand what it takes to scale up.

Works without Connectivity

Internet Connection not mandatory

You may have Clinics in areas that have unreliable internet connectivity. You may also need to use mobile medical vans to penetrate into areas where no form of connectivity exists, not even for mobile phones. In such a situation using a cloud based solution is not possible.

This is why we have developed an Offline module, a one of its kind in the world. You can deploy the offline module of Clinicea in remote Clinics, in mobile medical vans, as well as in Clinics that lack the services of a reliable service provider. The offline module lets your team work with no dependency on the internet. At any point of time when connectivity or bandwidth become available, Clinicea Offline Module auto syncs with the mother ship on the Cloud.

Hawk’s Eye

Cut the Noise, remove the Clutter

With just one click you can view the consolidated performance of all your Clinics in real-time. Is the performance trending upwards or falling short of your budgeted growth plan. Identify issues before they snowball into problems, and nip them in the bud.

You need a 10,000 foot view away from all the noise and clutter to analyze, to identify trends, to plan ahead, and Clinicea, will give you just that.

Increase ROI

Grow Revenues

You could add large corporate businesses who have a pan-country presence as your Clients, by offering them executive health management, and employee pre-employment checkup programs across all their points of presence. You can guarantee a reliable and consistent delivery of medical service as all system processes across your Clinic Chain get standardized by Clinicea.

By linking all your Clinics, you will have much tighter control on finances. You can benefit from volume-based discounts when purchasing inventory centrally, and have more efficient credit protocols and invoice management in place.

Walk into any Clinic, virtually

Be where you want to be

It is physically difficult for you to visit all the Clinics regularly. This becomes even more difficult as you grow. Gradually the task of covering each of your Clinics regularly, becomes an impossible one, and it is left upon others to keep you abreast.

Technology has made the world flat once again, with distances ceasing to exist in the virtual world. With Clinicea you can walk into any one of your Clinics virtually, with the click of a button. See live, how many patients are currently being seen by the Doctors, how many are queued in the waiting room, see how busy the day has been and how it looks ahead. Have your fingers back on the pulse.

Across Time zones

Growth cannot be limited by boundaries

You may have Clinics spread across cities, countries, and continents. This is why Clinicea lets each Clinic operate in its specific time zone.

Clinicea intelligently shows all reports, financial transactions and appointment diaries in the time zone of your preference. All the number crunching happens on the Cloud in the background, with no clicks or computations at your end. Data becomes easy to read and can be scanned quickly.

Build the Brand

Increase your Valuation

Increase retention and job satisfaction amongst your Doctors by improving their working conditions, saving them time from mundane tasks and offering them the best of what technology has to offer at their workplace, the Clinic. Differentiate your Clinic Chain from your competitors, by offering Patients a consistent level of service across the entire chain.

Clinicea helps promote a Brand. It is the brand that secures your niche market. It is the brand that differentiates you from the “also ran” competitors, it is the brand that gets your investors the highest value.

richfeel uses clinicea

"RICHFEEL 60 clinics and Growing, INDIA"

"Very user friendly software. The team has been very prompt in rendering their services & catering to our various requirements. Ideal package to any stand-alone or chain of clinics."

Tanushri Barolia, Head Operations


"LAZEO Leader of Aesthetic Medicine, FRANCE"

" I stumbled across Clinicea while looking for a cloud based clinic management solution for our company and for our franchises located abroad. Our business model is in some ways quite special. While we had global requirements, each of the franchises also had its own requirements due to regulations of the country they are based in. Therefore we needed a company that was willing to go the extra mile to help us achieve all these requirements. We were also looking for a tool that has a short learning curve and is simple to use, and after having tried a few other solutions I really have to say that Clinicea excels in this domain. It’s fully featured, with some incredible functionalities, like for instance the report tool where you can literally cross reference any data that you can think off. The workflow and the presentation are very intuitive and really optimized for the user. The learning curve is very short, and literally anybody can learn very easily to use all of its features. However the best part of Clinicea is not the tool, but the team that’s behind it. They did not just tailor the tool for our needs, they also helped us optimize our initial workflow. In the beginning we were looking for a provider, but with Clinicea we found much more than that, we found a real partner. "

Deniz Vrazalica, Chargé de communication

If you already have a solution but are not too happy with it and want to change, we can help you. Have a look at our Exchange Program.

Or, if you do not have any solution right now to manage your Clinics, have a look at our Features with Screenshots.