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Who is the program for



You will be surprised to know that several of our existing resellers were first our clients, who had purchased Clinicea for their own Clinic. They loved it, found it so easy and simple that they decided to spread the word, and eventually ended up building a company for themselves out of it. We know exactly what is required to get you started off in small steps and help it grow BIG.


Independent Resellers

You know the local market well and are willing to go out to talk and sell. Depending on your area of interest we can help you sell either to Doctors, Clinics & Hospitals or, to Patients. We will provide you the training to get ready, set you up with the right set of certifications, and back you up on the field.


Distributor of Clinical Products

You have a team and multiple points of presence. You are already in this line of work directly or indirectly i.e. by supplying medical equipment to Clinics, or distributing software. We will work with you to follow up on leads, train your team, and provide marketing & technical support.

All of this comes backed by a generous “startup plan” so that you are able to make progress quickly.


Who is the program for

The future of healthcare will be driven by Clinic Management solutions that have been built using cutting-edge technologies, designed for simplicity and powered by Cloud. The great apps being built by Clinicea will dominate the market in the years to come. With a wide reaching presence that is growing every day, we are regularly tying up with partners. Big or small, to us, size does not matter, ambition does.

We have the Partnership Program and the willingness to do what it takes to get our Partners to the top. And win. Apply Now

The Plan

We will get you more press, increase your visibility, pass on our leads, help generate more clicks, sales opportunities and PR. We have our ears to the ground and get to hear from various sources about requirements from clients all over the world. We will keep you abreast with where the market is trending and provide you solutions to capitalize on the trend.

Once you are on 'our Team', everyone, and we mean every department, and every staff of our company, will be gunning for your success. You are now a 'Partner', your success or failure is a reflection of our performance.

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